Simple Pet Care Health Tips

Caring for Your Pets

Pets can be the best animals to be around, but you need to take good care of them. The better you take care of them, the happier they will be. Taking care of pets can sometimes be a challenge, but once you get to understand them, you should have an easier time. Below are some pet care tips that will help you.

Buy ant-proof pet food dishes

Many ants will find a place to stay during the summertime, and one of the most common places is the food bowl of your pet. If you don’t want to spend money on buying these food dishes, consider putting the food dish on a pan of water. Your pet can easily drink water from the pan whenever they want.  To buy ant-proof dog food online, look for best pet food online 2018 and you will get an idea of the available options.



Dog house

If you have a dog, you can use a plastic storage bin to make the dog house. A little dog house can cost you about hundred pounds. But you can easily make a simple dog house for less than twenty pounds using a plastic storage. Cut a small hole on the side of the bin, flip it upside down and put a dog bed inside it. If your dog likes the car, make one for it too.  If you need a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dog hairs try searching for best pet vacuum appliances online and if you’re buying pet products online, remember to always look at the reviews.

Chew-Free electrical cords

There are some dogs that love gnawing electrical cords. This is dangerous for the pet and can irritate you when they destroy important cables. You can solve the problems by wrapping cords with split flexible plastic conduit you can get from an automotive store or home centres. You will notice your pet losing interest in the electrical cords.

Switch to low-fat treats

If you start to notice your pet is getting a little chubby, consider replacing high calorie treats with low-calorie alternatives.  Do a google search for best health supplements online, and see what you think will appeal to your dog.  Even though you may be tasteless, pets will find them delicious and of course, your pet’s health is paramount.

Training Working English Cocker Spaniels

How to Train Your Working English Cocker Spaniel

Dogs are a mans best friend. They’re innately intelligent, have tremendous emotional intelligence from the way they can read the mood of people around them, and are incredibly loyal. And when properly trained they can be amazing performers.


Watch the video above and follow along as we continue to share tips and ideas for how to quickly and better train your working english cocker spaniel.